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Routine and thorough disinfection of commonly touched surfaces or any surfaces that contact bare skin is important to reduce the spread of germs. FLO Wellness provides a one-step, broad-spectrum disinfection service through a powerful and efficient application system to treat your high-touch areas. We apply an EPA-approved disinfectant and deodorant that kills microorganisms in 10 minutes, including Human Coronavirus, HIV-1, VRE, MRSA, Herpes Simplex Types 1&2, Influenza Type A, Rotavirus and many more.

We use electrostatic spray technology to apply our disinfectant which works by providing a charge to a solution so that it electromagnetically sticks to a targeted surface, providing 360-degree coverage. This process coat surfaces with disinfectant, including covering hard-to-reach areas.

  • We can do 2,500 square feet in 30 minutes or less. The product takes 10 minutes to kill the microorganisms and it takes 15 minutes for the product to dry.

  • We can service fitness spaces, restrooms, locker rooms, offices, public spaces, and cafeterias and spray all surfaces including equipment, mats, desks, door handles, light switches, window and mirrors.

  • Our service provides peace of mind for you and those that use your facilities that a thorough disinfecting treatment has been applied.

  • Disinfection spraying can be done weekly, monthly or quarterly.

FLO Wellness’s service is to apply an appropriate EPA-registered disinfectant in accordance with the application directions provided by the master label. Comm-Fit is not liable for property damages or bodily injury or sickness arising from the use of the product

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